Message from Rev. Black

Hello everyone,

As I write this letter, I have just completed my first few weeks at the two Baillieston churches and I am delighted that I have been made warmly welcome by both congregations.

The first two weeks of my interim ministry with you have been spent meeting people  and trying to get to know folk in both parts of the linkage.

With two churches there are a lot of people to see! It is a job that is not finished yet!

Once I have spent some time getting to know the congregations, we will have a meeting with our transition support group. This is likely to be further into the autumn.

The transition support group (TSP) is the group which supports the interim ministry.  It consists of representatives from Ministries Council, Presbytery and has another interim minister on it too.  The whole congregation are invited to meet with this group and from the meeting aims and objectives for the interim ministry time are drawn up.

The TSG accompany the interim ministry and there can be a variety of meeting patterns with it.  However, whatever the pattern, as well as the initial meeting there is always a meeting toward the end of the interim ministry where, if all goes well, Presbytery are asked to restore the right to call to the charge.

As you can see, the pattern of an interim ministry is a little different from that of a settled parish ministry.  As well as meeting with TSGs, Interim Ministries are usually quite short – up to two years in length.

As many of you know Presbytery made an application for us to have a part time pastoral worker for six months.  This was very helpful as the application was made just before a moratorium on these positions till later in the year came into place.  I hope that by the time you are reading this letter we may be able to say that we have someone to work with us.

I am looking forward to the time ahead and working with St Andrew’s and Mure Memorial and in sharing our walk of faith together.