Message from Rev. Black

Hello everyone,

In the last minister’s letter, I wrote about the TSG meeting which was coming up for both congregations at the end of January. TSG stands for Transition Support Group and is the support group from the central church and from presbytery that supports the interim ministry. The aims and objectives is the list of tasks that comes out of what has been said at the meeting.

The meeting went ahead on 27January and both St. Andrews and Mure Memorial were well represented, It was probably the biggest meeting of a TSG ever and a rough count made it somewhere between 90 and 100 people.

So, a big thank you to everyone who attended it was really good to see the support you are giving your church and your concern for its future.

I had hoped to be able to put a copy of the aims and objectives document in this magazine however, I hadn’t allowed for February being a short month and that the magazine is put together quite early. I am writing this on the 13th.

The aims and objectives are drawn up from your input to the TSG. They are in draft form at the moment and should be with you very soon.

Once we had the aims and objectives, we will use them to set priorities for our work ahead: Kirk Session, Congregational Board and Congregation.

The rest of the work of the church goes ahead, soon we will be in the run up to Easter. We will be hosting a Maundy Thursday Communion in St. Andrew’s and the Good Friday service will be at Mure Memorial.

Baillieston Churches Together are having a series of Lenten Bible Studies on Thursday evenings starting on 27 February at 7pm in St John’s Episcopal Church. They sound very interesting, they are based round themes in the file The Greatest Showman.

As always, we walk in faith together