Message from George Grant

Hello my new family,

You would have heard me talk about change in the church on 12 August, about how we tend to resist it and sometimes resent it. Well change has come to me and to you, how do we feel about it?

I was quite happy and contented in my retirement, after many years in teaching, being Locum at St Andrew’s East in Dennistoun and then over four years as Locum in St George’s and St Peter’s in Easterhouse, playing bowls, bridge and looking after my granddaughters.

Then, out of the blue, I got a call to see if I would consider going back as a Locum, well to see if it would be alright for my name to be passed to your session clerk.

That meant change, even the possibility of change, upsetting my pattern of living, did I want that? That took some thinking – I’d been happy over the past two years or so, left to my own devices, no responsibilities other than my family. Did I really want to change that and have to start thinking again about being a Locum?

Thinking about church services, funerals, interacting with new people and adding to and complicating my comfortable routine. Well after leaving Easterhouse and having heard nothing from presbytery I would have happily have said no and kept to my own well-known comfortable routine. However, someone I knew had taken the time to call and ask me, only to let my name be passed to your session clerk and that alone made me stop and think.

You know the old saying “God moves in mysterious ways”, I thought about that, presbytery hadn’t contacted me was God moving through individuals to bring me back into service? Was there a need for me to have change in my life? You are a congregation undergoing change but you don’t yet know what that change will be so perhaps there is a need that we both have that can be fulfilled.

Two things apart from the initial call and the long chat I had with Mr Walmsley (I have come to think that it might not be possible to have a short chat with him} was when I came unknown to you and sat at the back of the church – I had not yet got comfortable when I was welcomed, not just by one person but by quite a few. Good sign number one!

I also wanted to find out what the people of the church were like and see them in action and came to your Saturday tearoom. Again – great much better than I could have hoped for. Making my decision fairly easy to make and come back as a Locum if you were prepared to accept that change. Good sign number two!

This is a good church with a good spirit and people who will not let anyone be a stranger, in short a place I would be more than happy to be. A change I am willingly embracing, getting me out of my comfortable rut. Yes a change I am happy with.

The question is are you happy with the change? Perhaps the jury is out on that!

Change is essential let us work together to bring about the right sort of change in our own lives and in our church.

Yours in Christ

George Grant